Thermal Engineering for Professional Applications

Roller kiln

The roller kiln body is made according to scientific calculations. The roller kiln operating temperature can be up to 1350°C. To ensure low fuel consumption and keep kiln outside temperature lower, we use high quality, low density refractory insulating heat materials. To ensure little temperature deviation on kiln section, we design the width scientifically and use high speed & small volume of flow burners. We also provide the roller kiln with computer monitor and SCADA system for online (internet) remote control.

Tunnel Kiln

Micro Thermal Inc., also offer high fuel efficiency Tunnel Kiln for sanitary ware, tableware, advanced technical ceramics and refractory products.

Roller Kiln for Table Ware

Micro Thermal Inc, offer high fuel efficiency Roller Kiln for Bone China ware and Stone Ware tableware.

High Temperature Shuttle Kiln

Micro Thermal Inc. offer high fuel efficiency Shuttle Kiln up to 1600°C temperature for Crucible, Grinding Wheel (abrasive products), Refractory and Advanced Technical Ceramics products.

Decoration Firing Roller Kiln

Micro Thermal Inc, offer wide range of roller kiln for ceramic tiles 3rd firing (decoration firing), tableware decoration firing, artistic glass tiles firing, color material (metal oxide) firing.

Laboratory Kiln

Laboratory roller kiln for powder test firing.